How to Draw Mayor Adam West from Family Guy

Adam West is the main role in the animated sitcom Family Guy. He is the mayor of Quahog Rhode Island.

Show Drawing Grid:

Step #1

Draw two circles & one oval.

Step #2

Draw outlines for the arms, hands, legs & feet.

Step #3

Draw the outlines for the eyes & nose.

Step #4

Draw outlines for the face, ear & lips.

Step #5

Draw shoulder & sleeves.

Step #6

Draw outline for the dress.

Step #7

Draw hands & fingers.

Step #8

Draw pants.

Step #9

Draw hairs.

Step #10

Draw tie & suit's edges.

Step #11

Draw buttons & shoes.

Step #12

Draw eye brows & retinas.

Step #13

Make necessary improvements to finish drawing.

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